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May 05, 2011

Alhamdulillah..another new business partner in April!
dah sebulan baru nak update, sorry ek T, tunggu nak upload with our group photo sebenarnya.Cantik sket..ehhe ;P



Even though baru join business last month, Alhamdulillah..dah berjaya jual corset dlm tgn dlm mase sekejap jer. She used to work as an engineer at Johor 
and now doing the business fulltime.
Anyone from setiawangsa, wangsa maju or klcc area 
yang tercari cari nak beli PB..contact her now 
for free consultation ;)

Check out her blog here for more details:

InsyaAllah, by end of May..SM Izatil will be SSM!!
Kita sama2 target jam tangan(RM100,000 Sales) 
this month!
Let's work together occay~~ 


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