April 30, 2011

Even though tak dapat join trip to Perth, 
I got special souvenirs from beloved business partners, 
CDM Hanis Haizi and bakal CDM Raz!

Thank you so much for the souvenirs!! 
LOVEEEEE.....all of them ;)

This June, we'll be joining you guys to Hong Kong..yeayyy!!! 
and boleh amik gambar lompat2 with group..
this time around, I'm in!

To all business partners, and future business partners, 
dun worry..special souvenirs from Hong Kong
confirm ade untok korang nanti ;)

And of course, let's work together 
untuk pergi Venice plak end of this year..
kita naik gondola ramai2 cay!

to those yg teringin nak gi venice for free,
come and join us now!!~
012 2844960


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