31 May, 2011

Three of us!!!

On last Sunday,
after meeting up with business partner 
@ The Loaf, Pavilion..
3 of us
( Mommy + Daddy + Danial )
had fun together!!~
After the shoes hunting,
for about an hour..
Danial was already restless!
He refused to stay in his stroller.
Then, we let him walk...

can you see how excited he was!!

instead of me pulling his hands..he was pulling my hands.
(action mcm dah reti jalan sendiri jer! )


 he was struggling to free himself from daddy!! "let me walk!!"

"i'm going to fly like SUPERMAN!"

then..he decided to crawl again..huhu ;P

We had so much FUN together!
I got my new shoes that day..

he wanted to try it out too!!

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