A successful Mom to Be!

May 30, 2011

Successful people are those who wants to succeed 
and willing to do it!

A good example of a successful woman,
a wonderful wife,
a great mom to be..
SSM Aienn Latifi

she's now 7 months pregnant!

If you really want it, nothing can stop you!
Being pregnant with regular morning sickness is not easy.
But, with determination and courage..
you can beat the sickness
and turn it into a challenge
to achieve your GOAL!

Just to share a bit about Aienn, a good friend of mine..
when she decided to join the business,
she didn't get the full support from husband
or other family members.
But, she was very determined and never gave up!

Berkat kesabaran, and dah tgk wife yang sanggup bersusah payah, tgh pregnant plak tu..
husband pon akur and finally bagi green light! ;)

Even though jauh from stockist, jauh from leader..
in just 1 month, dah naik SSM!
PB sets dlm tgn pon habis terjual in few weeks.
Good job Aienn!!!~

She's gonna be a great leader.
So, to those from East coast area or wherever you are..
nak berjaya mcm Aienn,
do not hesitate to contact us now!
We'll be glad to share 


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