Larian Terakhir !

June 01, 2011

On the very last minute..on last day of closing, 
we met at Centerpoint, Bandar Utama.
 We've known each other back in university time..
same course and same class!

After almost 3 years..we met again!
both are now married ;)

Here, I would like to welcome
the new additional business partner..Anis!

picture was taken at stockist 7pm! ;)

Actually, mase dulu2..
most of my frens panggil anis ni, "adik Naa"!
why?? sebab muka kitorang ade lebih kurang sepesen sikit.

Tak kisah la sama ke tak..but, will defintely 
work together to achieve our dreams!
Good thing about her, she's very ambitious and brave enough to take challenge.
Mana just one day, after jumpa..
die dah tau ape die nak!!

Waiting for too long will not bring anything good..
Sampai bila kita nak tgk..dan tgk jer org berjaya?
Grab the opportunity now

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