Pointless Weekends Vs Profitable Weekends

May 23, 2011

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."
~Bill Watterson

So, how was your weekends lately..
Will you choose doing something completely pointless,
over doing something worthy ??
I will definitely choose to spend it wisely
by doing something beneficial, valuable and PROFITABLE!

Saturday, May 21st..
~Appointment with business partners and future business partner at Peddington House of Pancakes..
~Product and Marketing Class@Batu Caves..

While waiting for business partners..at Peddington House of Pancakes

Sunday, May 22nd..
~Meeting up with client at Rawang early in the morning..
~Appointment with business partners and future business partner @KLCC in the afternoon..
~Shopping with business partner@hubby ;) 

We're at Rawang!!!~
After, meeting up with client..we had our "brunch" 
at PappaRich, Rawang Town..

Hubby had kueteow+half boiled eggs and I had fried rice with chicken wing..yummy!!~

After perut kenyang, we're heading back to kl for another appointment @klcc with K.Ju

This is the time for us to make full use of our time..
while our babies/kids are still small to even remember that we left them, once in a while to do our job, to earn more money just to provide them the BEST that we can offer as parents. 

Later on, with all the hard-work, we can just sit and relax with the family...while others are still struggling to achieve the financial freedom.

"Tepuk dada, tanya selera"

As for me and hubby..we're going to work for it while we're still young and fit!
A little sacrifices TODAY will make a bigger difference TOMORROW..InsyaAllah ;)

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