Payslip a.k.a Love letter

April 26, 2011

thank you Allah for showing me the right path and career.

Now, I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved 
in just 2 months time!
And of course, with the help, and guidance from a great friend/mentor/leader Hanis Haizi and Raz.
Special thanks to all my business partners too!!!! 
(dah mcm buat speech plak ni..huhu)

Without you guys, siapalah saya. Hebat saya..kerana kamu semua ;)

So, here's my greatest love letter from company,
my 2nd Payslip just by doing Premium Beautiful business..

Total Bonus for 2nd month..RM 8,495.84

I never thought that i can achieve this much in just 
2 months..
but Alhamdulillah,rezeki anak and rezeki family ;)

In this business, nothing is impossible.
"Nak seribu daya, Mahu seribu cara"
Interested to know more..I'll be glad to share

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