2nd Honeymoon..yeayyyyyy

April 25, 2011

Hong Kong..here we come!!!!~

Alhamdulillah..in just 1 month doing the business, I’m already qualified for the Hong Kong Trip (FOC!) This is going to be my 1st trip with the company and I am soooo.. excited to bring hubby along for our second honeymoon ;P (wink..wink!!)
This is the formal letter from the company..telling that I'm qualified for the Hong Kong Trip ;)

Yeayy..we’re going over the sea for our 2nd honeymoon!! And everything will be sponsored by the company:

- 2 flight tickets by MAS Airline (yeay! no more Air Asia ;P)
- Room for 2 (me + hubby)
-airport tax
-holiday tour..including Hong Kong DISNEYLAND!!

Everything is going to be 5* service and FREE OF CHARGE! Bawak diri and duit penuh pocket for SHOPPING!!!!!

Hong Kong has been known as “Shopping Paradise!” 


Causeway Bay is where the chic do their shopping

Sai yeung Cho is an electronic lover's paradise

Tsim Sha Tsui is a great place to pick up souvenirs

So now, siap2 kumpul duit shopping jer in 1 month!! InsyaAllah..nak target bawak rm10K! 
New handbag for me, bag pack + new glasses for hubby,
and lots of souvenirs..sape nak??? Angkat tgn!!! ;P hehehe

 For our 1st honeymoon we went to Krabi, Thailand..it was only over the boarder.That’s what we can afford back then and we went there by Air Asia of course(low cost). Everything was on tight budget as we had to pay for the hotel, car rental, meals, travelling, and etc.

So, for the 2nd honeymoon I'm sure we'll be having more fun travelling with the group..and more shopping!!!~

To those yang tak sempat qualify, kita still ade next trip..
Venice!!! let's work towards venice plak after this okei ;)

To those yang belom join business, come and join us now 
to get..
More income + Free Holiday 3x a year + Car fund

Contact me at 012-2844960

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  1. wargh.... Bestnya.... Nanti cter kat ayin how hong kong n next how venice... ;)

  2. hehe..for sure. belom pegi ni pon..dah ak sabar nak upload gambar kat sane nanti..nantikan!!! huhuhu ;P

  3. hehhehe... nanti tangkap pic banyak2... then upload bnyak2.. hehehe.. berbaloi dgan segala penat lelah kak na n abang ryte.. ;)

  4. InsyaAllah..and untuk mak and ayin, nanti kiotrang belikan souvenirs best2 cay!! doakan kitorang dapat kumpul duit shopping bnyk2..boleh borong bnyk tok family skali ;)


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