11 April, 2011

Hong Kong Qualifiers

Congrats to all Hong Kong qualifiers!!

For this Hong Kong Trip, CDM hanis Haizi dah berjaya bawak 2 buses of qualifiers from our group ;)
 Inilah hasil dari TEAMWORK!

Last night, we had a small gathering for "majlis kesyukuran"
at Masjid AlGufran,TTDI.
After Solat Maghrib & Isyak berjemaah,
we had nasi beriyani..yummy yumm!~
Then, a short speech by our leaders..

Last, but not least..PHOTO SESSION!!!~

This is going to be my first trip with the group..can't wait ;)

HONG KONG.........HERE WE COME!!!!!~


  1. we are waiting for our time to join you guys later...but sooner...hehehe..hope so. with Allah's willing..wait for us. we're going together shopping at Venice..Amin...

  2. InsyaAllah..ull be joining us very very soon!! ;) bnykkan usaha n doa occay!!


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