Our 2nd Bonus

April 09, 2011

First of all, sujud syukur pada-MU..
ALHAMDULILLAH..for our second bonus ;)

First thing in the morning, i grabbed my phone!
Got an SMS from my beloved business partner, Syida..
"Naa..bonus dah masuk! :D

YEAYYYY!!!~ what a beautiful morning
I just joined this business for 1 month..
and I have achieved more than RM10,000 in total!
I have also qualified for first FREE holiday package to 

Many thanks to our great leader, CDM HANIS and CDM RAZ!
"Berjaya kami..keranamu!"

Not to forget, thank you to  my beloved business partners..SM Aienn, SM Syida, SM Ashraf
(this month's target..semua naik SSM okei!)

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  1. hebat!! COntinue your hard work... berjaya dgn rakan kongsi! ALhamdullilahhh


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