Baby's Turning 1 !

April 13, 2011

Danial is turning ONE soon!!

I can't believe it's been a year already..from a tiny little boy

to this cheeky little boy!

Alhamdulillah..for this beautiful gift! Having him after 9 months getting married..was quite a challenge for me n hubby.
I had to quit my job at 3 months pregnancy due to morning sickness. Everyday, I had to commute Ampang-Shah Alam and with the congested traffic..yaickksss!!(bertambah tambah nak muntah jer)

Ever since I quit my job, hubby is the only one who has been supporting our family..makan, pakai, rumah...etc. We had lived a simple life.
No more fine dining, new handbags/shoes..all the money were spent for maternity checkups..maternity clothes..and newborn stuffs ONLY!

I can still remember, at 7-8 months pregnancy..with superBIG baby bumps and swollen feet!

I had to eat dinner and lunch on the floor. We cant even afford to buy a dining table.My swollen feet making me so hard to move and yet, i have to sit on the floor

It's been a year now..we have gone through our thick and thin..sad and happiness. Alhamdulillah..after joining the business, life's getting much better! and's going to be a life-changing experience for us ;)

We're now planning on having a 1st birthday party for Danial! These are some of the sneak preview..on what's coming....

and this is what he's going to wear..

Hope it's going to be a memorable day for Danial and for us as well!! ;)


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  1. sedeynyee bace kisah naa..even kiortg yg dua2 bekerja pun still xcukup duit..kdg2 sedey bile xmampu nk belikn mainan yg branded untuk anak.bile tgk org lain mampu beli yg mahal2 n cantik2.sedeynye tuhan yg tau.kdg2 kalu nk beli sumthing or nk pegi holiday terpakse kami menabung dari awal n ikat perut.hidup justt sederhana..sedey2..skang nk beli pape pun pkir smpai 10 kali.

  2. i can't wait the party.. harap2 on his birthday dya dh boleh jalan.. ;)

  3. hehe..mmg pon. korang yang kerja 2 org pon mcm, bayangkanlah my husband keje sorang? kitorang pon semua budget2 asik for baby jer. everytime kluar nak jugak beli baju for baby and new toys for baby.dulu, kitorang rela korbankan ape yg kitorang nak, just to get the best things first for danial ;) now ni jer..baru fikir untuk diri sendiri. after buat business, mommy n daddy plak asik nak shop! huhu..and of course we're upgrading our house la plak

  4. hye...have u asking me about Thomas cake rite? I do baking it.

    Cupie cupie cakes =)

  5. hi reflisia..yup, i was searching for thomas cupcakes. but i dah tempah somewhere else..nway..thank u dear!! ;)


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