HONG KONG..here we come ;)

March 22, 2011

Alhamdulillah..in less than a month, i have achieved so much..

1) The NEW BRAND ME ;)

2) My first 5 figures monthly income 
3) MY new IPAD + business bag ;)

 Last but not least
.4) Free trip to HONG KONG in June. This is going to be our second honeymoon, InsyaAllah..yeayy~

These are some of random pics of Hong Kong..


For this trip,everything is FOC. Tak payah keluar sesen pun..
And everything is 5 star..i just need to put aside some budget for shoppingggg!! and cant wait to be on honeymoon again with hubby..after all the hardwork ;)

You have been there for me right from the start until now..thank you bee and much love to my precious baby boy..Danial Ar-Rayyan (mommy's good boy!)

Exploring IPAD games with Daddy ;)

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