The NEW 360 Thera Short Bra

September 19, 2021

The wait is finally over!
Welcoming our NEW 360 Thera Short Bra ✨

Full of surprises and excitements 

Istimewa untuk kita semua yang bergelar wanita

360 Thera Short Bra bakal tampil sebagai Bra pilihan utama wanita hari ini.

The right one that lights up your inner sparkle ✨✨✨

For this New 360 Thera Short Bra, we have 2 unique designs; 

Normal series & Effy Series✨

This is how it looks like from the back ✨ 

Each 360 Thera Short Bra comes with 2 types of detachable bra straps.

It is Multi-way; 

you can either choose to wear it with normal strap or sexy lace strap anytime and any day you like 😘


The 3 Dimensional (3D) Cotton Cup is designed perfectly to give you the best Support, Functionality & Comfort ✨

If you look closely inside the 3D cup, 

the design also comes with FIR Nano-Dot & Magnetic Crystals focusing on Acupoints. 

It will give you a ‘Bust Spa’ effect for a healthy and luscious looking breasts

(untuk payudara yang Sihat & Cantik)


Exclusive Armpit Flap design✨ 

This is definitely the one and only bra in the market which provides extra flap like this! 

It helps to reposition and lock excess fats at armpit. Lace design will give a soft touch underarms.


Wow, Wow, Wow...

Aren’t you excited? 

To know more details

about 360 Thera Short Bra✨



I will share more in the next blog post 💕

*kalau dah tak sabar, 

nak jadi yang terawal grab this Thera Short Bra dengan harga special.. kindly whatsapp Naa ok

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