Grilled Chicken Wrap Recipe

October 22, 2015

Here, I would love to share, 
a simple recipe on how to make a grilled chicken wrap. 

If you are on diet, not feeling to eat nasi, or just don't know what to cook, 
you can try this simple recipe. 

First thing first, 
we need to prepare the grilled chicken. 
I usually use chicken fillets and I would like to suggest these few ingredients to marinate them; 

1. Olive oil - sapu rata minyak pada ayam. 

2. Sprinkle the salt secukup rasa dan ratakan pada ayam. I always use hai-o bamboo salt in my cooking, it is chemical free, bersifat alkali, dan pilihan terbaik untuk kesihatan. 

3. Sprinkle some black pepper, and steak  spice too. Ratakan pada ayam secukup rasa juga. Ini brand yang Naa pakai;

4. Last ingredient, I added some BBQ sauce untuk rasa lebih sedap. Cuma letak sedikit dan ratakan pada ayam. 
I use Heinz BBQ Sauce for Chicken&Ribs. 

After you are done with marinating the chicken fillets, heat up the grill pan. It's time to grill the marinated chicken.
Just make sure the chicken fillets are not too dry or overcooked. Keep it juicy inside. 

This is how my grilled chicken looks like, just the way I like it.

To make my chicken wrap lebih sedap and mengenyangkan, I also add scrambled eggs inside the wrap. 

How to prepare the scrambled eggs?
Jangan lupa, tambahkan susu dan garam buluh ke dalam telur and pukul. Waktu masak telur, gunakan butter instead of oil untuk jadikan scrambled eggs lebih gebu and yummy. 

What's next..
 heat up your wraps in a pan. 

Don't forget your salads and tomatoes too. 

Everything is ready now and it's time to wrap it up! 
Put some salads, tomato slices, grilled chicken, and scrambled eggs. You can add some chilli sauce and mayonis as you like and just roll it.

Tadaaa...Ready to eat!

Easy peasy right? 

Biasanya,bergantung kepada capacity perut masing-masing, ada yang makan 1 wrap dah kenyang, ada yang makan sampai 4 wraps! Hehehe

Selamat Mencuba ;) 

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