4 Years and COUNTING...

July 31, 2013

Let's go down the memory lane :)

31st July 2009..
After Akad

..there's no words could ever describe how I felt at this moment..
After, 7 years of relationship, finally we got married!
Alhamdulillah ;)

1st August 2009..
Reception at my house, Tanah Merah Kelantan.

On 3rd August 2009..
We went to Krabi, Thailand for our 1st Honeymoon!

Soon as we arrived at AMARI VOGUE HOTEL..

2nd Day at Krabi.. we rent a motorcycle jalan-jalan sampai cramp habis muscles, and siap basah kena hujan. That time, barulah faham erti bersyukur ada kereta sendiri.
On the same day, naik gajah jugak ;P

Day 3 at Krabi..island hopping together!

*Krabi was a very special place for us both..
'asal usul Danial', our son was made in Krabi ;P

3 months after, 
on 31st October 2009..
Another reception on hubby's side!

I was already 3 months pregnant this time, wearing baju pengantin. Boleh nampak my small baby bump here.

 * flower girls agak masam jer, tak cukup bagi gula-gula kot ;P hehe

one of my favorite photos!

 Outdoor photoshoot, masa ni dah pening lalat due to morning sickness. But we mananged to get this beautiful shot.

1 year after..
31st August 2010..our very 1st Wedding Anniversary!

This was our first dinner together, hanya berdua..after having Danial. Look at me in this picture, menyorok kat belakang ;P
sebab taknak nampak tembam! ;P
My previous Post pregnancy body was a disaster! malu, rasa tak confident, and macam-macam masa ni. 
How I wish I knew Premium Beautiful dari awal-awal lagi.

On 2nd August 2010..
Danial was 3 months old, and mommy turned 26 years old that day! ;)

The bambam face of him at 3 months old.

Our 1st Hari Raya, 2010..

June 2011..
2nd Honeymoon in Hong Kong!
*fully sponsored..

March 2012
3rd Honeymoon in Vietnam..

April 2012
4th Honeymoon, Holland and Belgium..
our first Europe Trip and again, fully sponsored! ;)

July 2012
5th Honeymoon in Guangzhou..

March 2013
our 6th Honeymoon in London and Paris..
*the best holiday trip ever!!!


London Bridge

 London eye!

 Royal Albert Hall


Our first snow together..

 with Eiffel!

 Boat Cruise!

I had a wonderful 4 years with you Ashraf Naserudin,
and looking forward for more wonderful years to come InshaAllah!
I LOVE YOU so much bee.

* NEXT HONEYMOON is coming soon this September 2013.
Our next destination is KOREA!
I really hope and pray that your injury will recover very very soon.

Loves, hugs, kisses:
Naa Kamaruddin

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  1. nice marriage journey :)
    but confusing...hehe
    U buat reception 1st August 2009 tapi akad nikah 31st August 2009 ke? sanding dulu baru nikah ke?

    1. Thank you for reading, and thank you for the comment here. I silap type, akad was on 31st of July..not august ;P

  2. You are so beautiful, I like all the picture :)


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