May 1st Labor Day

May 10, 2013

Our son, Danial Ar-Rayyan has turned 3 this year.
How time flies and from 8months old, mommy started doing Premium Beautiful business, dari hanya pandai merangkak, and now look at you baby boy! Semua dah pandai ;)

We love you so much Danial!
And inshaAllah we will try our best to give only the best for you. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh, bijak, dan muslim yang dapat berbakti pada keluarga, dan agama sendiri. Amin...

We had a simple celebration, it was a last minute plan. Dinner and movie night at ecurve, damansara. Next, kita pergi short vacation ok danial ;)

Danial had fish and chips..

and free birthday cake+ice cream from Tony Roma's!

While waiting for the movie,
all 3 of us, habiskan masa main game!
First time, and sampai berpeluh peluh main game.

Last activity,

If you're planning to watch any movies with your kids, the best choice is Platinum Movie Suite. Spacious, comfortable and you can just share the same seat with your son/girl.

We had so much FUN watching IRON MAN 3 together.
And that night, we're watching it with more friends and family members too.
Pictures, tak ada yang clear pula nak share here.

*all pictures taken with mobile phone only,
so sorry for the bad quality.

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