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May 14, 2013

Do you agree HEALTH is WEALTH?

As for WEALTH, Do you manage it well?
In Financial world.
We earn, We spend, We invest, and We save

However for HEALTH,
Are you earning your health?
Are you spending your health?
Are you saving & investing in your health?
You owe to your health?

How far are you willing to invest for :

- Health products?
- Health supplements?
- Beauty products?
- Beauty supplements? 

How well do you take care of yourself by :

-Eating and drinking the right way?
-Having a quality Sleep at night?
-Managing your stress level due to working environement?
-Getting regular checkups at the hospital?

Reality Check!

Question 1:

Do you have a ROLEX watch, that cost RM50,000?
Do you have a CHANEL  handbag, that cost RM18,000?
Do you have a BMW Car?
How do you take care of your precious ROLEX/CHANEL/BMW?

Question 2:

someone came to you asking for your eyes and willing to pay RM100,000 for those eyes..Will you give them away for the money?
How about RM500,000 offer for those eyes?

If the answer is still NO!

..then, your eyes must be priceless. Money cannot buy your eyes right?
BUT, the question is..
how well do you take care of your eyes now, comparing to your precious watch, handbags, or car?

How much health Savings do you have now???

This is something new, that I learnt few days ago. 
We tend to take things for granted, especially to our own body.


Health Savings Plan Concept in 3 STEPS:
1. Detoxification (cleansing )
2. Building ( cells and tissue rejuvenation via basic nutrition )
3. Restore (body reshaping, de-stress & hormone balancing

Here, I would like to share with my fellow readers here,
few tips that might help you living a healthy life and earn more health savings!

How to loose weight and slim down easily?

Drink 3 litres of good water everyday. The best is alkaline water with minerals, avoid r.o water - best option of course from Bio Aura Water Filter.
- 500ml in 1st 1 hour, after you wake up everyday
-500ml 1 hour before lunch
-500ml 1 hour before dinner
-500ml 1 hour before going to bed.
*just add another 1 litre more, somewhere in between.

You can feel so much different in you,
in just 1-2 weeks time!

* for better result, I would personally recommend for the women to wear our well known foundation lingerie..
This will help you to reshape your figure, stabilize your hormone and increase your metabolic rate.

Sleeping Well is very IMPORTANT too!

What is quality sleep? If you can  get at least 4 hours of a good  quality sleep, it is enough.

* when you have a good quality sleep,
your melatonin hormone will be released.
- this hormone will help your cells to regenerate and renew.
- this hormone will also help you to burn the fat effectively, as well as it increases metabolic rate.

HOW to Sleep Well?

- your body needs to stay in alkaline condition (contains more mineral in body, blood)
- by taking Calcium and Garam Buluh premium drinks can help you to keep your body alkaline.

* now we have Bio Velocity Sleep Mate to help you sleep better too.

Eat according to your own "body clock"

-If we get up at 10am
we should have a breakfast within 1 hour.

-Lunch at 4-6 hours later ( means around 4pm)

-Dinner will be another 4-6 hours after lunch. (means around 9pm)

* this is how we should set our meal time.

LOVE yourself MORE!

must have a BIG HEART

*Don't let others control your emotion, mood, and affect your life so much!

Things Should AVOID...

1. Reboiling water / oil
(air atau minyak boleh dimasak hanya sekali) 
- air yang sampai ke tahap mendidih kali kedua akan merubah kepada air yang merbahaya.
-minyak yang di mendidih kali kedua akan bebaskan trans fat acid (cancer agent)

2. Reheating your food.

3. Microwave usage at home is very dangerous,
- radiowave is bad

4. Sleeping with the lights on.


Naa Kamaruddin

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