Naa Kamaruddin Photoshoot by Hafiz Atan!

September 07, 2012

I had a photoshoot together wih my son, Danial 
last June.. 
after being 'crowned' as Crown Diamond Manager

Yup, last JUNE!!! 
A bit too late to share, but takpe la kan?
Hope everyone still interested to have a look...

For this photoshoot,
I chose to have 3 different looks,
walaupon sikit jer baju..tapi PENATnya masyaALLAH!
It's not easy to be a good model occay.
Plus.. photoshoot with my son, memang menguji kesabaran.

So here goes

My 1st look!

*Dress by Radzuan Radziwill

My 2nd Look!

*ala-ala smart casual sikit.. sequin top from Topshop
and Danial as my "accessory" 

My 3rd Look!

*Red Dress by Alliyah couture 

this last photoshoot paling mencabar,
sebab nak dapatkan effect terbang2 nih..
with kipas, orang nak lompat2 nak terbangkan sayapku!
But it was fun

More pictures...
behind the scene and picture collage, made by me
*editing tak brapa nice la kan, sebab sendiri buat

After almost 6 hours at the studio,
we're DONE ;)

Thank you so much 
Hafiz Atan and crew members!
banyak bersabar dengan karenah kami anak beranak..

and we love all the pictures too.

my official video..featuring the founder of 
Premium Beautiful by Naa Kamaruddin!
stay tune~

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  1. nice photos..congratulation Naa kamaruddin. Another CDM Vogue!

  2. Really inspiring your blog, such amazing n wonderful woman, i suka gmbr2 u, by the way jaket utk 2nd tu beli kt mana hehe, cantik..... :)

    1. thank you dear anonymous ;) jacket tu i dah lupa mana beli. lama dah yang tu..


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