Diamond Night 2012 - MIECC

April 24, 2012

It is time to celebrate, be glamorous and beautiful
for one of our company's grand event..

This is actually my first time attending
the Diamond night.
Last year, tak sempat join the grand dinner..
as i started  this Premium Beautiful business
right after the event.

Memang excited, teruja..of course!
For a first timer like me, 
dapat ambil 3 awards in 1 night,
Naa berjaya bawak ramai business partners..7 tables!

From my Beautiful Circles, 
There are 4 Diamonds yang ambik awards jugak!
CONGRATS darlings & so proud of you~ ;)

Here goes some of the highlights from the event..

Starting with preparation that afternoon,
at Mines Wellness Hotel..

Make up by MUA Zalina Yaakob!

Dress by Radzuan Radziwill !

Then, the red carpet event at MIECC

With our beloved Madam!
(with her new gold Gucci..hadiah from hubby, special from Amsterdam..)
With my beautiful partners from syida's team..
from kelantan, pahang, Penang, KL..semua ada ;)

With Ayu, Nana, and Izatil ;)

With sahabat dalam business.. with Ieja and Sha! ;)

After perarakan masuk VVIPs,
it's dinner time!!!~

with Aienn's team! adik beradik buat business sama2, awesome! ;)

Santapan kami!

Baru nak menikmati makanan, 
dah kena line up at the Foyer.. 
for my 1st award for the night..Car Fund Award!

Super excited expression..same goes to Mr Tan Kai Hee ;)

with other Car Fund Achievers under Hanis Haizi's Team!

My 2nd Award.. Double Diamond Manager!

Gold bracelet!!!~ weee....

My 3rd Award..Diamond Sales Manager.

And here are the other 4 Diamonds from my Beautiful Circles,
sama2 naik stage to receive the awards..

DSM Aienn, DSM Najiha, DSM Mursyida

my life partner and also business partner..
DSM Ashraf Naserudin

For the event, our beloved mentor..
CDM Hanis Haizi was choosen as the speaker
to share her success stories in front of 7000+ people.
Her words inspires lot of people,
especially the young enterpreneurs..
From a 'plain housewife'..she is now a successful woman
with 6 figures monthly income.

Right from the start, I knew I have found a great mentor and friend. She believed in me, and guided me all the way until now. InsyaAllah, one day..Naa memang teringin nak follow her steps, terpilih as one of the speaker too!

Last but not least,

My Beautiful Circles!
Congratulations to all Diamonds, and thank you everyone for coming.

Beautiful Circles with our mentor, Hanis Haizi.

With part of the Green Leaders Group..nih pon ramai tak muat nak masuk dah

with dear mentor.."I will follow every steps"..
designer for our dresses that night: Radzuan Radziwill

with my cinta hati, tulang belakang terkuat!
Thank you so much bee...n i love u so much

for the next event:
Hai-O 20th Anniversary!

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  1. love the dress & make up....u nampak gorgeous! congrats!

  2. Naaa..."I will follow u fr every single steps" confirm! (^___^)


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