Self Therapy & Self Reward for us both ;)

February 24, 2012

After another achievements in Premium Beautiful business..
here goes our therapy sessions of the month! 
heehee ;P

..motivation untuk lebih pertingkatkan usaha lagi..

For me:

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Insolite Wallet

This is my first LV wallet ;)

As usual, benda wajib..baju+tudung,
new blouse from warehouse and new scarves from ARZU.

For him:

New flashlight + battery grip + battery ..
All extra gadgets for his new toy..D5100!
Also an early preparation nak ambik gambar banyak2 for our next trip..Vietnam in march and Holland in April!

Dah banyak2 ambik gambar, our hard disk semua dah full!
Need another new hard disk~

this is the picture of my beloved photographer ;)

And for his RM100,000 Sales Achievement..
new Lacoste T-shirt for him (the pink color, yg pakai during award ceremony at B32)

For my beautiful partners,
bakal pemenang jam tangan (RM100,000 Sales Achievers)

Swarovski Pen for FREE!!~
Sape nak???


ALHAMDULILLAH, atas rezeki yang lebih murah,
dapat bagi for parents pon lebih..
and tinggal nak shopping for my baby BOY jer!
I have something special for you Danial..SAVE THE BEST FOR THE LAST!

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