Sales Manager & Senior Sales Manager AWARD!

February 20, 2012

To All Sales Managers & Senior Sales Managers,

This is where the success stories begin..
from a Sales Manager, we'll be a Crown Diamond Manger in just 1-2 years time ;)

Bermula dari seorang, 

kita akan membina kumpulan yang berdiri teguh, saling melengkapi, dan sama-sama mencapai kejayaan.

This is what we call..TEAMWORK!!!

Apa Khabar Guangzhou???

Everything will be Possible
when you believe!

We're now ready to aim higher, to DREAM BIG to achieve more together,
the best part is, we're not alone.
We have a strong back up group and the BEST Mentor,

Part of My Beautiful Circles team with our mentor, CDM Hanis Haizi

My 'golden finger' and Me ;)

Besides that,
pasangan sporting kami yang sentiasa berada disisi, untuk bagi sokongan dan merancang strategi kumpulan!
Thank you so much guys

Lead by our mentor, CDM Razali ;)

I feel blessed and thankful just by being surrounded with my dedicated partners all around~ 

This is part of my success stories with my beautiful team and definitely looking forward for the next event in April, our Diamond Award Ceremony!

Me and my partners will be on stage together..
InsyaAllah, more new diamonds in the making from my group and everyone is super excited, awal2 lagi dah nak tempah dress cantik2 and bling bling*

tak payah risau pasal body figure nanti ;) )

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  1. congratulation kak na.. dari seorang yg zero pasal business, now dah berjaya dri org yg berkerja lama dri kak na. ;)

    1. Thank you Ayin.
      Kita semua kene berubah untuk baiki kualiti hidup kita :)


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