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October 20, 2011

Get your dreams back and the courage
to make them come true

While surfing the internet, I came across this website.. 
and i would like to share this with all my blog readers ;)

Where Did My Life Go?

If you feel like you’re just treading water through your life right now
you’re not alone. Most people at one time or another feel the same way.

The mediocrity, the fatigue, the lack of drive or passion is a slippery slope, 
and before you know it you find yourself 
wallowing in apathy, lying on your sofa watching TV 
and wondering how you got to this point.

Here’s a truth for you:

In life you’re either moving ahead or moving back. 
And if you feel stuck, frustrated and in a life of someone else’s making, 
you’re probably going in the wrong direction.

Time is our greatest enemy. Once gone, you cannot get it back,
no matter what you do. 
One day you “wake up” and you are 40, 50, or even 60 years old 
and wonder what happened to all those great dreams you once had.
And that’s why you might catch yourself saying…

Where did my life go???

Of course you probably have all kinds of hopes and dreams,
but it’s as if every year that goes by you’re drifting 
further and further away from them, and you start to
wonder if realizing these dreams is ever going to happen.

Albert Einstein said: 
“The definition of insanity is 
doing the same thing over and over again 
expecting different results.”

Tell me, do you want to continue…
  • to lose precious time?
  • to live a hectic but unsatisfying life?
  • to fear ending up broke?
  • to be afraid of old age?
  • to think you could do and be more but still don’t take the right action?

Or do you want more today, RIGHT NOW!!!

  • You don’t want to end up with “the song” still in you!
  • You want and deserve Success!
  • You want and deserve Financial Freedom!
  • You want and deserve Happiness!
  • You want and deserve Fulfillment!


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