Road to CDM: Achieving RM 100,000 sales in a month

October 17, 2011

After a  month of non-stop, heart beating, 
tireless, and ferocious battles, 
All winners hailed as victors and 
trip to Holland is even nearer than before.

Last weekend, 
Beloved B32 stockist celebrated 
9 watch winners for achieving RM 100,000 sales
in a month selling Premium Beautiful corset
(I'm one of them!)
and honor 1 new CDM from Hanis Haizi's group.

Receiving my DKNY watch from CDM Kak Ana...
with my beloved mentor, Hanis Haizi

MY FREE DKNY watch!!

Receiving SWAROVSKI Pen+Thumbdrive
from CDM Hanis.. 
Dapat extra gift lagi from our beloved CDM!

 ( selain dari group CDM Hanis Haizi,tak dapat yer..
Pen Swarovski ni! ;P )


With Syida.. one of my business partner
yang sama2 berjuang dari awal buat business.
Now, dah berjaya melebarkan sayap ke  
kelantan, terengganu, perak, pahang
and Klang Valley of course.

InsyaAllah, this October..Syida plak akan qualify
Jam Tangan from our stockist,
RM100,000 Sales in a MONTH! ;)

Group Picture!! tapi half jer boleh masuk..
almaklum camera tak cukop power ;P 

With the other excellent achievers!
Pemenang jam + swarovski pen for September 2011
(All 9 of us under CDM Hanis Haizi)

With my DARLINGSSS!!~ 
(ini jer yg sempat ambik gambar after the celebration)

With Nadya Shah, business partner from Perak,
lebih specific, Tanjung Malim/UPSI

With Rina Hasliza, business partner from 
Ampang-Putrajaya area

With Ashikin Arni, business partner from 
KL-Sarawak Area

With business partners and mentor,Hanis Haizi

Naa Kamaruddin & No.1 Mentor, Hanis Haizi!
Thank you so much dear...
for being there through ups n downs, 
and for your endless support+motivation. 
Thank you for believing in me too!

Our friendship starts with the first trip to Kuantan, 
for my very 1st Premium Beautiful business appointment with Aienn Latifi, 
and it keeps going stronger with all the things 
we have in common and share together~ 

 We had such a great FOC trip to HongKong 
Next, we'll be going to Holland+Belgium..
and more n more places soon..wee!!!~

With our new CDM in our group, 
CDM ADLIZA..Congratsss!!~

Being surrounded with 3 gorgeous CDMs!! 
Semoga aura bnyk terlekat sekali..
InsyaAllah, 2012..CDM Naa Kamaruddin 
akan potong cake!! ;)

Last but not least...with my CINTA@tulang belakang 
paling kuat. THANK YOU BEEEE!!!!~

Thank you so much to all my business partners 
yg. sudi hadir untuk celebrate this achievement 
together with me on that night. 

Everything is possible when we all work together.
Kepada yg. tak dpt hadir, especially yg. jauh2 
di Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Perak.. 
Thank you for your supports.

Personally, it is very IMPORTANT 
to be in the RIGHT GROUP
and to have a GREAT MENTOR,


Naa Kamaruddin
012 - 284 4960

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