Hong Kong with Hanis Haizi's group - Day 1

June 27, 2011

This is my 1st Free Trip with Hanis Haizi's group..
FULLY Sponsored by the company!

After almost 2 months preparation, at last our group trip to Hong Kong finally here~

Seronok sgt bile dpt pergi trip yg 100% FOC, lebih-lebih lagi bile dpt pergi dengan group yg sangat besar (around 600++ qualifiers dari group B32)

Around 6:00am semua qualifiers dah start berkumpul
and everyone was so excited, tak sabar-sabar nak start-off our journey.. 

While waiting for breakfast to be served, semua orang either layan tido or layan in-flight movies. Lots of movies they have and as for me, I layan Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa :)
and hubby layan I am Number 4.

Then they served Nasi Lemak+bread pudding..
few minutes after, we had Magnum ice cream..YUmmYY!

Around 1pm,we arrived at HK International Airport, Chek Lap Kok. Semua orang muke happy and tak sabar2 dah nak start our shopping Holiday!!

First Stop: Ladies Market @ a.k.a Petaling Street
kalau kat Malaysia. 
 Disambut dgn hujan yg melimpah ruah, shopping tetap we all teruskan. Banyak sangat barang dan sangat murah. Siap boleh bargain lagi ;) I bought lots of fridge magnets and souvenirs kat situ.

Hubby and me sempat jugak masuk LensCrafters.
Bought Prada shade for me and Ray-Ban frame for hubby. Sangat2 cantik and love them very much.

After penat bershopping, lapar lah pulak. So, the next stop.. Sangeet Restaurant for dinner buffet.Sedap gile chicken curry die. Mr. Ashraf siap tambah 3x, itu pon he had to stop coz other groups nak masuk makan pulak ;p.

Perut dah kenyang, we moved on to Avenue of Stars a.k.a Walk of Fame. Semua hand prints HK artists yg famous ade kat sini. Lovely scenery lebih2 lagi time malam. So...romantic!!


Luckily we traveled in a group. Dapatlah bergambar dgn Mr. Ashraf :)

Sempat jugak bergambar dengan Mentor yg hebat, 
Hanis Haizi dan rakan yg betul2 amik berat. 
Mr hubby plak dok sebok snap2 gambar. Sabar ye sayang, nanti kite carik DSLR yg lagi advance for next trip to Holland+Belgium :) 

From Peninsula Hotel, ikot Hanis Haizi's LV hunting nyer pasal, dalam hujan kitorang semua berlari kejar big bus!
After tour sekeliling Hong Kong island, its time for us to retire to our 5 stars hotel.

L' Hotel view from Tsuen Wan West MTR station. The room is so huge and cosy. if dah baring, mmg tak bangun2 la jawabnya. I heard that the room costs about HKD2400 per night and we stayed for 3 lovely nights! ;)

I feel lucky to be part of the group 
under a great young leader, HANIS HAIZI! 
hebat tak hebat..berjaya bawak 2 bas penuh dgn rakan kongsi. CDM Kak Ana used to refer Hanis as 'Ibu Harimau'
So, all of us under her lead, confirm jadi anak2 harimau! STRONG, DETERMINE and definitely a FIGHTER!

..to be continued..

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