Last Day of Promotion

April 01, 2011

As expected, the last day of promotion will be super hectic! The day before pon stockist dah pack dgn org beratur nak dapatkan PB sets and NEWCOMERS!

This is my first experience to feel the pressure due to the closing date of PB promotion and Hong Kong Trip. Everyone was pushing so hard to achieve their targets until the very end. They are aiming to get 1 ticket, 2 tickets, RM100,000 sales/month, free watch, and MOREEEE BONUSSS!!

I am a newcomer in this business.  However, in just 1 month..i am qualified for Hong Kong holiday FOC..ALHAMDULILLAH ;)
Betol la org kata..REZEKI ALLAH seluas alam, cuma kita perlu mencari, berusaha and tawakkal. InyaAllah, tuhan akan menolong sesiapa yg ingin menolong diri mereka sendiri. Semua pon bermula dari niat yg baik dan ikhlas.

Everyday in our prayers, we prayed really hard to Allah so that He grants us with lots of rezeki halal and good health. Been given the opportunity to do a business (to make money)is also one of Allah's way answering his subjects' prayer for better life in term of $$. 

However lots of people out there nowadays, thought Allah will give it to them in direct form such as Petronas or Shell lucky draw, lottery and a dead uncle who just pass on all his estates and millions $$ savings to his long-lost niece/nephew. In simpler word, people wants to be rich without want to work for it.

Remember,  there's no such thing as easy money. Every penny needs to be earned through hard work. As for me, I believe Allah's has answered my prayers by showing a way to becoming debt-free and financially secured person.

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