Danial Ar-Rayyan with his walker

April 01, 2011

Happy 11 months old baby!!!

At 11 months old, he can eat the same rice as mommy n daddy. He lovessss to eat!!pantang nampak org makan, mulot die pon same mengunyah! sebab kuat mkn, gigi pon cepat tumbuh..dah ade 8 btg gigi since 9 months old. 

The elders always told us..sape tumbuh gigi cepat, lambat berjalan. So, i guess the theory is quite true for Danial.
Everyone keeps on asking, "dah jalan belom?"
The answer is.." NOT YET!!!"
he just know how to cruise ;)

Lately, he started to push all the chairs around him
and walk. Bila pegi stockist, sebok tolak kerusi merah madam yg banyak2 tu..buat mcm walker. huhu ;P
pastu, sengih2 seeking attention from everyone around him.

Actually, we have already bought a V-tech Walker. But, i'm not confident enough to let him push the walker alone, as he can't balance his body yet.

Last night, we tried to let him walk with his walker..
and YEAYYY!!! Danial can push his walker now..

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