Family Getaway at Avillion Admiral Cove, PD!

January 20, 2016

Last weekend Naa went to company's organized event, CDM Conference 2016. I stayed at Lexis, the kids and mr. Hubby at Avillion Admiral Cove. Kira alang-alang dah sampai Port Dickson, angkut jelah semua sekali berholiday😄. 

The conference was great as lots of good news dikongsi, and paling best Naa dapat extra 2% bonus from the company. So dapatlah bawa shopping next month at Osaka, Japan! 

And the family getaway was the best. Anak-anak had so much fun, makan and berendam all day long

Here’s some of the photos taken that i i’d like to keep here..

The kids and me, 
before bergerak balik ke kl

The kids and daddy pulak..

Me with my biggest fan and supporter,
I love you Bee! 

The kids yang takmau balik. Nak main air katanya. Next time datang kita mandi laut pulak ok 

This was at Admiral Cove. Mommy tengok jela dorang mandi dekat Pool 

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