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July 02, 2013

All of us have our own responsibilities.
To GOD, parents, husband/wife, kids and even to ourselves!

Why am I talking about responsibility here ?

Simply because, everything I do now .. I have my own purposes and goals. Not only in business/career that i chose, but I will keep on trying to improve myself to be a better person, a better servant, a better daughter, a better wife, and also a better mommy to my kids. 
I am doing whatever I do now, for my loved ones!

Yes, due to hormone and etc, I am a bit emotional here.
Just want to share what a tough day I had yesterday. BUT, i survived! :)

Started my morning with few good news from my partners. Then at noon, we rushed to Prince Court Medical Center for appointment. Hubby got injured, torn ankle ligament. Agak serious juga la keadaan, tak boleh berjalan and definitely can't drive. So, I'm going to be the driver from now until when.. Im not sure. 
But one thing hubby said.. " always be thankful for everything. Nasib baik jadi macam ni, sikit jer. Kalau accident teruk ke apa, lagi kita taknak ". So, pengajaran, harus redha and terima dengan sabar.

Almost half of my day habis di PCMC, waiting for hubby with Danial Dengan perut kebulur. But, sambil mode on my phone tetap berjalan. 

Around 5pm we went back, planned nak singgah beli makanan siap. But, kedai yang nak, tak ada tempat parking and macam-macam lagi. I was too tired already. Ended up, i just went back home, Solat asar, then I decided to cook what I really want to eat, sambal tumis sotong.
I have been craving for sambal tumis sotong for almost a week.

Bila masak dalam keadaan penat and kelaparan memang menguji kesabaran. My body was shaking already, but i pushed myself to cook. Bersihkan semua sotong, and dalam keadaan macam ni pun, tetap purified my sotong with Biozone Food Purifier.
When I cook, I just want to make it PERFECT and healthy.

Masa nak mula menumis, cili kering pula habis.
I almost gave up that time, but i don't know why...
my adrenaline kept pushing me! ;P
Sanggup keluar cari cili boh from kedai runcit masa itu juga.


Ikan siakap goreng + Sambal tumis sotong
"Just a simple meal for our family dinner, but usaha dan emosi terlalu banyak dicurahkan dalam masakan ini."

ALHAMDULILLAH..hubby and Danial makan sampai licin semua. Perasaan penat tadi, emosi terganggu pun hilang.
Itulah perasaan seorang isteri dan ibu, bila kita lakukan sesuatu untuk orang tersayang.

Along the process, sebelum masak tadi..
I called my mom first. I told her what happened to hubby, Ashraf Naserudin. Soon as I heard her voice, air mata tak dapat nak ditampung. Normal la kan? Do you always feel the same, while talking to your mom? As for me, all the time..
cepat datang perasaan sebak bila dengar suara emak sendiri.

Whatever happens, I always believe..
things happen for a reason.
And Alhamdulillah, I know that I am strong enough to face this challenges ahead. Because I'm born to be tough! ;P
InshaAllah, my little one inside me now will be as tough as her mommy too.

Thank you everyone for your prayers.
* Thank you my beloved readers yang sudi baca my luahan emosi this time.

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  1. touching naa..coz same cm perasaan eijah n i pny kes now..hubby injured...ligemen koyak jugak...huhu..

  2. alamak, naaa..

    Touching pulak entry u kali ni..

    its totally true babe..


    1. thank you dear ;) just sharing from hati..and kita perempuan memang cepat touching kan. hehe


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