Happy Mom and her little one

June 24, 2013

It has been almost a month now since i knew the result. I cannot wait a little longer to share this great news with all the people around me here.. :)

Introducing our little one..at 7 weeks++ from my first scan about 1 month ago.

Now I'm approaching 11 weeks. Morning sickness not so bad. Last 1 month lebih banyak rasa mual, but now dah makin hilang. Cuma selera makan agak kurang. That is why ramai cakap, Naa kurus. And yup, my weight didn't increase yet. Maybe tunggu after first trimester, bila selera makan bertambah.

For now, memang sangat susah nak pilih makanan yang boleh diterima. Ayam paling taknak, daging sometimes ok, yang tak ada bau rasa lembu langsung sahaja. Most of the time, i want to eat fish, yang digoreng rangup. ;) I prefer makanan yang masin, and always craving for fresh fruits yang masam manis, like mangga, manggis, nenas and orange. Berbeza sedikit from first pregnancy, i used to crave for desserts, makanan manis! This time, bau chocolate pun dah rasa mual.

Besides food craving, first thing that i wanted so bad is a new flat shoes, sebab dah tak boleh pakai heels kan. And first thing that came across, i want Salvatore Ferragamo Varina shoes! I did ask permission from hubby, sebab to be honest, ini kasut paling mahal Naa pernah beli. Before this rasa sayang nak beli kasut/heels mahal ni. I rather spend my budget on handbags ;p But, preggy mommy wanted this shoes so bad...so, welcome to mommy!

Belum apa-apa lagi, i already bought maternity pillow at mothercare! 

This one sebab masa first pregnancy dulu, tak jumpa dan tak mampu nak beli. Huhu. Sedih masa dulu, my hubby seorang bekerja and i already quit my job. A lot of things we can't afford at that time. We really hope this time will be different and we can provide better things for baby and mommy of course. Alhamdulillah, rezeki semua dariNya.

To all friends and my beloved readers, do pray for my health and the baby as well. Semoga semua selamat, dan baby dapat dilahirkan dengan cukup sempurna..amin. :)


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