BINTULU Short Trip!

June 03, 2013

First of all, I would like to congratulate my dearest partner,
Anith Ayuni for making our very 1st GLOW in Bintulu a success! Congrats and many thanks to our Beautiful Circles Team in Sarawak.

After a proper planning and discussion with Anith, my direct protege / leader for Sarawak Team,
me and hubby travelled to Bintulu over the weekend. We rent a meeting room at Kemena Hotel to have a special business preview and meeting. It was quite spacious for all of us, around 15 people.

We began our GLOW, around 1pm and finished around 6pm. Walaupun 5 jam berlalu, rasa seperti masa sangat mencemburui kami. Can't get enough time with everyone, but we're definitely come again for another GLOW.

Anith Ayuni as our MC for that day, good job dear!
From an engineer, now a successful mompreneur full time.

Our first speaker, my partner a.k.a hubby..Mr. Ashraf Naserudin. He shared on our top selling product, the Biozone Food Purifier. He tried to simplify all the infos needed for everyone, to understand the product better.

From the feedback, most of them in Sarawak cook more often than having meals outside, unlike us in KL/selangor. One thing for sure, the market for this Biozone Food Purifier is bigger over there. Cuma masih ramai belum tahu apakah fungsi sebenar produk ini, dan kenapa kita amat memerlukannya di rumah masing-masing.

**find out more now..and you will definitely get 1 for yourself!

We had a short break for tea too..
Sempat berborak and get to know each other better.

Second slot was my turn, to share more on Business Presentation.

for the last slot, we opened for Q&A Session.
Alhamdulillah, everything went well and hopefully all partners and friends who came on that day gained some new knowledge from our sharing. 

Congrats again to the whole team here in Bintulu.

Till we meet again soon, and next GLOW will be in MIRI, Sarawak.

Let's be part of GLAM Sarawak, be part of my team, 
be my next protege :)

012 - 284 4960

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  1. Thank you Naa for coming all the way from KL for all of us in Bintulu. really appreciate that. next time we will organize with bigger crowd in Miri. InsyaALLAH.

    1. its a pleasure for us too dear, and glad to meet all of you there. Can't wait for the next visit in Miri pula :) InshaAllah..


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