Most Challenging+Memorable Journey

April 03, 2013

London&Paris wave is not over yet! 
We shared our most wonderful pictures and videos, 
priceless experience and shopping marathon.

As a start, let me share on how we got stranded twice from London to Paris...

After having the best 3 nights in London,
as early as 4a.m. on 12th March, we woke up and had our breakfast at 5a.m. I still remember, we had the best nasi lemak (credit to Cikcida for the sambal ikan bilis)
At 6 a.m. sharp, we departed from Holiday Inn to St.Pancras Train Station.

Everyone was so excited to update their EuroStar tickets on Instagram! 

Soon as we arrived at St Pancras Station, 
all the check in luggage counters were closed!
We waited for few minutes, then they let us go inside.

 Sempat play around lagi time ni, because we have no ideas what was going to happen in few hours later.

the guys, getting ready to be on Eurostar.

Then, after few minutes our tour guide announced that our train has been delayed, so we need to gather again in an hour to confirm the departure time.
Awal2, semua sempat pusing tawaf keliling station dulu. Then after 1 hour, still have no idea what's going to happen.
Asik berkumpul from time to time, tapi masih menunggu penuh harapan. We heard the latest announcement, "All Eurostar services has been suspended temporarily"

The temperature inside the station was super cold!!
Semua dah tak tahan, and menumpang masuk dekat Starbucks, coffee houses yang mana ada heater.

This was taken from IG photo. semua kesejukan and makan maggi in cup, porridge, and hot chocolates to keep us warm.
Masa ni, boleh lagi gelak2, enjoying every moments.

But, after the last announcement telling us all trains for that day has been suspended..everyone was so upset, cold and we just want to get back to our hotel room.
Sejuknya angin kat sini memang mencucuk ke tulang dan menggigil gigil.

While waiting,
our travel guides were busy preparing another back up plan to get us all to Paris on the same day. Initial plan was to get us on plane, but the terminal in Paris was closed due to heavy snow. 

Around 2p.m, finally we made a move from the station by bus. B2 and B3 were going on a double decker bus. It was spacious and all we need at that time was HEAT!
Semua dah kepenatan yang amat, masuk jer bus terus lelap mata. 

Bila terjaga, our bus lalu jalan kampung. Masa tu, sangat teruja first time tengok pemandangan kampung, the countryside, all covered with snow. Sangat cantik! Sayangnya my photographer memang tidur tak ingat dunia.

Then, we arrived at the border..

Ingatkan boleh lepas lalu from UK to France easily,
but we have to wait and retried 3 times.
Terpaksa singgah R&R dekat situ, I can't remember the name, but as soon as the bus stopped semua serbu SNOW!!!

All of us except for my hubby, 
memang pertama kali merasa main snow.
So, bare with us. Memang jakun! ;P

Dah beku tangan, jari2 semua..
barulah semua masuk dalam R&R untuk solat,rehat, dan shopping parfums at duty free shop inside.
Cuma yang menyedihkan, tak ada HALAL food we can eat.

Around 9pm,
ALHAMDULILLAH..we managed to pass through the border.
We were now officially in FRANCE!
Semua bertepuk sorak and bersyukur sangat.

So, we continued our journey to be on train to cross over the Euro Tunnel. Pertama kali kami semua dengar, kita akan naik bas, dan bas naik dalam train untuk lalu Euro Tunnel yang berada dalam laut. Ngeri tak bunyinya tu? Pelik dan menggerunkan.

 The bus was going into the train!

Our bus inside the train while crossing the Euro Tunnel.

To be honest, awal-awal we all beria posing and jakun.
Then, belum sampai 5 minit, semua lelap mata, tidur tak ingat dunia sebab kepenatan.

Around 4 a.m.most of us baru tersedar, and realized that our bus was not moving for quite a long time. We were stucked in the middle of highway. Semua trafik tak bergerak.
Bila dah lama, barulah dapat berita yang ada kemalangan teruk dekat depan dan memang jalan terus tersekat.

Sepanjang dalam bas, semua buka kisah2 bercinta masing2 dulu. Semua tergelak-gelak and we really enjoyed that moment walaupun hati tengah risau. 
Masa ni juga we all share apa makanan yang ada untuk alas perut.

Luckily, we have a gas station 1km away.
We decided to walk, in a cold weather just to get some food and a clean restroom.

Sampai Gas Station, semua serbu borong makanan.
Nasib ada clean restroom to freshen up again.
Muka semua dah sangat busuk dan kepenatan.

Masa dekat sinilah, 
our Tour Guide informed that our Top Management from company already gave a green light to extend the trip 2 more days in Paris and all the cost will be covered! Weeeehooooo~ memang semua happy and hilang rasa penat lelah tadi.

Semua excited terus keluar main snow again!
Just look at our expression, PRICELESS.

Special pose from us Beautiful Circles!
Our signature pose ;)

Then, of course "Run and JUMP as high as we can "

The GUYS..tak ketinggalan

and back to the girls with "L.O.V.E" formation..
tapi tak berapa menjadi.

Final pose from us two..

From one pose to another pose, 
then we headed back into the gas station. 
The traffic finally moving and our bus came to pick us up.
We continued our journey to Paris with full of memories!

Arrived at Pullman Hotel, Montparnasse around 5pm.
The room was spacious and the giant king sized bed was super comfy! 

After 30 minutes of freshen up period,
we went down to the lobby again and went out for special dinner at Jodhpur.

 We had the best Indian cuisine here. Ada Daging kambing dan ayam,  roti dan nasi.

 Semua makan sehingga menjilat jari dan tak ingat dunia ;P

Before going up to hotel room, we took a tour along the road nearby. Sempat beli some souvenirs and grocery shopping! I bought a lot of yummy yoghurts, some biscuits and few boxes of tea. Ada perasa peach, mixed fruits, caramel, mint and earl grey tea.

Then, we had our 1st night in Paris! ;)

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  1. seronoknye baca...macam tgh ade sekali kat dalam cerita ni..heheh :)

    1. hehe, thank you my dear Syera Begam! Glad if you can feel it too, next will be our Shanghai Trip together, can't waittttt! ;)


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