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March 25, 2013

Bonjour Everyone!

"Comment ça va ?"

I has been a while, since I came back from such an amazing Trip with my friends and partners.
STAY TUNE for the updates later occay ;)

I would like to share some pictures from my first ever TV Shoot with Media Prima Team @ NTV7 crew.
This shoot was a collaboration of Hai-O Marketing with NTV7 for the Bella Show.

Proudly, 4 out of 7 candidates chosen by Hai-O came from Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).

Alhamdulillah, I am one of them. 
The topic given to me was "BEAUTY TIPS".

As a first timer, I was so nervous.
I can't even sleep at night and as early as 6 a.m.,
my MUA, Sue Cantik arrived at my home to do my make up.

done with the make up and I love it!
Thank you so much for your magic touch Sue.
I had a great talk with you too and your sense of humor really calmed me down. 

As I arrived at HQ,
the crew was busy setting up the equipments.
So, I got the chance to rehearse once again.

Around 10 a.m.
we're ready to shoot!

TEST..1, 2, 3..

Roll~ and ACTION!

Sepanjang shooting, to be honest..
banyak kali sangat "cut" and "cut".
It was so hard for me dan agak kaku juga.

Thankful sangat, I had such an amazing team to work with,
mereka sangat penyabar dan banyak bagi dorongan.

Thank you so much to my biggest supporter,
my hubby, Ashraf Naserudin for being with me on that day.
I could never finish it without you dear.
I LOVE you so much!

For the last scene,
aksi berlakon sedikit. Feeling macam model iklan pun ada.
I like it!

I was showing the audience some of our beauty products that really help to maintain my beauty and inner health.

For skin care, I use Luminez Brightening Series.
The product series really work on me and it is easy to apply.

To enhance the beauty from inside, I consume BBplus collagen everyday. It helps to rebuild and regenerate our skin cells. This is the secret of a healthy, glowing and flawless looking skin.

On top of everything,
I am one of Premium Beautiful Corset user.
I have been wearing this exclusive foundation lingerie for more than 2 years now.

I feel great in it, 
it helps me to reshape and maintain a perfect body figure even after giving birth. This corset is also helping me to improve my inner health and boost up my confidence once again.

After 2 hours of shooting,
"It's a wrap!"

Here, I would like to thank our company and
my dearest mentor, Hanis Haizi (founder of GLAM) for giving me this wonderful opportunity!
This is definitely a new experience for me, and I'm very looking forward for more opportunities to come, InshaaAllah.

*Special thanks to all Beautiful Circles Team, GLAMpreneurs, friends and family for your support and prayers.

Naa Kamaruddin

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  1. Lovely Naa. Any re-runs maybe on youtube I can catch it?


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