November 02, 2012

It's been a while..since my last update.
Sorry guys..too busy with Aidil Adha, balik kampung,
and sambung pulak dengan demam.

so many things to share and update here.
Let us begin with my short family getaway at Penang...

It was a last minute plan,
"sambil menyelam minum air" bak kata orang.
Sambil jalan, ambik peluang to meet up with partners
dan bantu rakan kongsi for business sharing too!

because of that reason jugak,
we chose G Hotel, as it is very convenient for me to meet up with clients.. 
turun jer lobby, next door is shopping mall..the Gurney Plaza!

Danial's Maclaren helped us a lot to carry all of these..

As we arrived at Executive Floor,
we had our 'welcome ice creams'
Paling happy of course my baby boy..Danial

We were staying at DUPLEX for 2 nights here..
memang sangat2 best, and rasa nak duduk forever macam ni jer..
very comfy, for us three to stay

As we entered our DUPLEX, 
welcome drinks+snacks+nespresso+etc were there..

And here's the full view of our DUPLEX..

1st Floor..
the spacious living room facing the beach view

View from upper floor..

our comfy bed upstairs..

the bathroom..
complete with shower and tub

dah nampak tub, of course Danial excited nak mandi..
he cannot let go of Mr Duck over there

Later, after refreshing ourselves..
we went down to Gurney Plaza, for our early dinner.

my little monster..eating mac n cheese at Chili's

this is for me, 

Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®

After dinner,
pusing2 dalam mall, sambil cuci mata..
i bought new perfume by GUCCI
and new LEGO set for Danial.

Then, I had a one to one session with my protege, 
top leader for North Region, bakal DDM Yana Rosli..

End of Day 1..
Danial tidor dengan nyenyaknya...

DAY 2..

All of us woke up quite late already,
mandi siap2, went down to Level 15..the Executive Floor
for our breakfast.

Moving on to Next Destination,
Butterfly Farm!
"mari mengenal serangga yer adik-adik"

Dah berpeluh peluh panas,
let's have ice cream!

nampak tak, mommy dah selebet..
Danial dah kuyu jer mata.. ;P

After that, 
we went for lunch..Nasi Kandar of course!

I had another business appointment at G Cafe
with my partner's client.
Another new team member from North..Alhamdulillah.

In the evening,
we spent our quality time at the swimming pool.

Mandi sampai dah lewat petang,
then..malam keluar cari 'Char Kuey Teow'

End of Day 2...

Next Day, we had our breakfast,
packed our stuff and went back to home sweet home..
Kuala Lumpur!

That's our story for now.
Hope everyone's enjoying the pictures...

NaaKamaruddin & Family

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  1. bestnyeee hotel naa!mmg xnk blik klu dpt stay hotel mcm tuu..brape per nite?danial makin bambam laa.hehehe

    1. hi dear ;) yup memang sgt best n danial makin tembam..makan banyak! for duplex at G hotel..rate around RM1400 per night.


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