100G Awards at GLAM!

November 07, 2012

So many great things to celebrate..
yup, another celebration was held for 100G Awards, DDM Awards and CDM Award at GLAM!

Congratulations to all excellent achievers from GLG,
the GLAMpreneurs ;)

From our Beautiful Circles Team,
2 partners received the 100G Awards!

CONGRATS to these two ladies
for achieving RM100,000 Sales in a month;

Bakal DDM Cik Juju

She's not from Klang Valley area, asal dari Kelantan.
Directly under one of my protege in business..Cik Cida.
Cik Juju is a lecturer, and still single. Asalnya dulu daripada hanya nak jadi PB user, but in 3 days..she lost 1 kg!
Yakin dengan kehebatan product, terus niat bertukar..and nak follow Cik Cida to be one of Premium Beautiful Agent :)

berkat usaha Cik Juju yang berterusan, sentiasa rujuk pemimpin/mentor in this business..sekarang all her partners pon dah sama2 committed untuk sama2 berjaya.

Jarak sememangnya bukan penghalang untuk berjaya.
Cik Juju nih memang rajin bertanya dari awal,
bukan sahaja pada direct mentornya Cik Cida..but sentiasa rujuk Naa and Hanis. Setiap kali ada peluang, pasti Cik Juju akan datang bertanya dan jumpa untuk sentiasa upgrade ILMU. Congrats to bakal CDM Cik Cida juga kerana berjaya melahirkan lagi pewaris RM100,000 Sales.

Tahniah Cik Juju and her team.
The network is growing and getting bigger now.
Another step closer to RM720,000 Sales achievement pulak okei :)

Bakal DDM Aienn Latifi

Aienn Latifi, she's a close friend of mine.
Known each other for almost 15 years.. since Form 1.
We are both TKCians.

Started the business with Naa masa tgh pregnant lagi.
Siapa kata pregnant ladies can't do the business?
Aienn dah buktikan, walaupon belom rasa sendiri kehebatan product PB ni..dia berjaya jual stock in hand less than a month! Memang cukop hebat dari awal..naik pangkat in just 1 month, from Sales Manager to Senior Sales Manager.

her network is growing..and she's doing the business together with her two sisters. All her family members sangat2 supportive including hubby, Shazwan Salleh. Aienn, you're so lucky to have them all..to support you all the way.

Congrats again to you and the team.
Yeayy!! 3 FOC trips in a row! 
Great job and keep it up..
RM720,000 Sales is not that far now.

So proud of you both!

For the AWARD,
Emilio PUCCI pouch!
I personally picked 2 different colors for them..
Hope you girls like it ;)

"Dah capai satu target, it is time to focus on the Next Target! Focus on your plan and work together with team members. That is how we can achieve more together "

Last but not least, Beautiful Circles group pictures:

Aienn Latifi with our gorgeous No 1 Mentor,

with me.. Naa Kamaruddin ;P

Cik Juju with all 3 mentors..;)

Had a great celebration that night, 1st AWARDS at GLAM..
and many more to come InsyaAllah.

To those out there yang still ragu2 untuk bermula,
Be part of GLAM now, where we produce all 
GREAT GLAMpreneurs..
Choose Green Leaders Group!
012 - 284 4960

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