24 July, 2012

GLG at Guangzhou TV Tower, and Shopping Mall!

we're wearing blue and for the guys, FRANCE jersey euro 2012 !

Started our day with breakfast buffet at the hotel..

Gathered at the Lobby, 
before heading to Guangzhou TV Tower

Our Bus K, arrived at Guangzhou TV Tower!

Beautiful Circles..at GuangZhou. 
Say Ni Hao!!

Presenting the gentlemen..
the France football team wannabe! ;P

Are they FIT enough to JUMP?


Occay, enough with the guys.
Back to the lovely ladies here..

Then, all 5 buses under CDM Hanis Haizi's Group..
the GREEN LEADERS GROUP gathered here for 

One BIG happy FAMILY in Guangzhou ;)


Naa Kamaruddin, Sha Khalid, Hanis Haizi, Maisarah Ibrahim, Salha Zain, Faziha

the Premium Beautiful Agents..lelaki!

Me and dearest hubby, 
Ashraf Naserrudin!

"menuju puncak" pose! huhu

"Naa Kamarudin with Guangzhou TV Tower!"

After short visit at the tower,
..we dropped by at shopping mall, couldn't recall the name.
Here, we can find all high end and designers boutique
such as LV, Prada, Chanel, and etc..

However, the prices were quite expensive,
compare to our country, Malaysia.
So, I decided not to buy anything for me here.

Only for hubby,
he got himself a new pair of Lacoste shoes and CK boxers!

Then,we had our lunch..at another HALAL restaurant,

*credit to Izatil Suhaimi for the pictures above..

 Muka kekenyangan and tak sabar nak sambung shopping!

Last stop for the day 
before getting ready for our GALA Dinner,
another shopping mall..full of souvenirs, toys, handcrafts and etc.

Here, we have only few pictures to share,
tangan dah penuh nak bawak barang2 kan.. ;P

some of the toys we bought for our son, Danial..
all made in china~

This not the end of our Day 2 in Guangzhou..

*stay tune for my next post,
Day 2..GALA DINNER at Baiyun Hilton!

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