Zaanse Schans~Volendam~Grand Dinner!

May 30, 2012

A bit backdated already for me to post about this..
and I am so sorry to all beloved readers..yang masih menunggu my updates until now ;)
Really appreciate it!

For those who knew, 
I have been through a lot lately..
but, Alhamdulillah here I am and will always be here
for everyone, especially for my business partners!

So here last post on Holland+Belgium FOC Trip!

Enjoy the pictures~

As we arrived at ZAANSE SCHANS..

Entering the Cheese Factory..


The guys ;)

the pretty ladies ;P

entering the CLOG SHOE factory!

From there, we went to Volendam..
the fishing village!
memang sangat cantik..n rasa tak puas duduk

and we had our lunch yummy!!

with the couple and their cool ride!

enjoying fresh prawns!! with hot choco!! ;P

Last event for the day, our GRAND DINNER!


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