Vietnam Trip Day 1 with Naa Kamaruddin!

March 23, 2012

First of all,ALHAMDULILLAH..
this time, Naa berjaya bawak business partners almost half of the bus to Vietnam.
Congrats to all 
Beautiful Circles business partners!

Altogether there were 3 buses for our Green Leaders Group lead by Hanis Haizi.

Our GREEN TEAM paling ramai di Vietnam!

On Day 1..

As early as 10am, KLIA departure hall di landa 
'gelombang hijau' bak kata CDM Kak Ana.


because of our 'rombongan cik kiah'..hehe

Part of my 'rombongan cik kiah'..cik juju missing in action time ni.
While waiting for our eurotrain!
In the choochoo train ;P the bus leader for my Beautiful Circles team!

gelombang hijau kecik..

Gelombang hijau BESARRRR!!~ Aummmmm!

In the flight..full with Green Team! 

Our lunch pack..I had a wonderful,tasty chicken! so yummmyy!~

After about 1 hour 50 minutes journey..finally arrived at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Outside the airport, a tour guide Mr Kong was waiting for us..the "A2" group!

here's the picture of A2 bus!
Our first GROUP PICTURE - my Beautiful Circles team 
at our FIRST STOP, the post office!

outside view..

inside the post office..

model post office! haha ;P

with my one and only 'cinta' ! and my official photographer for the team ;)

with my one and only mentor kesayangan..Hanis Haizi! 

The one and only me..Naa Kamaruddin ;P 

After the short visit around the town,
we went straight to Equatorial Hotel in Ho Chi Minh city!
It was a nice hotel..5 star of course, and it is all for FREE!!!~
(the actual room rates per night for deluxe room is USD300)

Best the agent dapat pakai Premium Beautiful corset for free, 
Free holidays back to back, 
and also Free sponsored business car!

the happy face after receiving the welcome drink!
Jom, kita tengok bilik~
here's our room..720!
Inside the comfy room!

After refreshing ourselves, it was dinner time!!~
..walking distance only from our hotel..there's a Halal restaurant, Saigon Seri Penang.

 yummmy food for all of us!! mmg sgt sedap semua..n portion dia hidang pon banyak!

Muka semua anak2 yang kenyang! Burrppp~

Next stop after the dinner was..
Ben Thanh Night Market.
It is one of the famous and favorite spot among the tourist..

Let's check out the night market here..
muka budak2 riang nak shopping!
Precious moment of the happy faces! ;D

Last pit stop of  Day 1 in Saigon city...

the Hard Rock CAFE!

Another group picture of my Beautiful Circles team!

we're now at Hard Rock CAFE, HO CHI MINH CITY! weee....~

model front of hard rock! ;P huhu

After habis shopping semua kat Hard Rock for t-shirts and souvenirs, 
it was time to wrap up the day!
See my face sleepy already~

We had such a great DAY 1 together!

STAY TUNE for Day 2 updates on my next post..

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