Sambil Menyelam, Minom Air ;)

March 08, 2012

Alang2 appointments kat mall, kita shopping sekali!!!~

Takde la banyak pon, 
just few items yang memang keperluan..

New luggage!!
Sangat2 diperlukan nak bawak pergi Vietnam this 18th March
 and to Holland  this 11th April.
I loveeeeee these two colors so much ;)

New fitflop for me!! Nak jalan2 kat vietnam..must wear a comfy one!  As usual, i prefer to wear slippers .Walaupon kurang menarik nampak dikaki..yang penting selesa untuk shopping kat sana! 

Monthly supply for makeups!! hehe ;)

New black pants for hubby, since banyak event company asik  memerlukan black pants..

Apa lagi yang perlu for the vietnam trip:

passport - checked!
luggage - checked!
toiletteries - checked!
Sandals/shoes - checked!
umbrella - checked!
camera - checked!
backpack/slingbag - checked!
sunglasses/shades - checked!
Panadol, minyak angin (just in case) - checked!
Tshirt/blouse according to the theme - by next week..
RM to USD -
by next week..


Can't wait !This time, kami bukan berdua..
tapi beramai2 dengan rakan2 kongsi,
altogether..13 people!


Next will be GUANGZHOU, China..
Sape suka shopping+shopping+shopping while traveling for FREE with VIP package,
drop me a message now and join our next trip

012 - 284 4960

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