Family time at FULLHOUSE!

November 29, 2011

Last weekend, the earlier plan was going to Aquaria,klcc.


Mommy wasn't feeling so well, and 3 of us were lying on bed until 11am.
Sempat masak lempeng for late breakfast or should i say lunch..huhu ;P

Then, in the evening..we went out for early dinner at Fullhouse!
Here goes the pictures..3 of us ;)

Danial with mommy..
Muke mommy yang agak kusam..caused by bad cough n sore throat!

Danial dengan ragamnya!!!

Our drinks~

Mr Daddy with his Lamb!!

Looks yummy!~


Pasta for Danial ;)

Danial's eating the lamb..

Danial's eating the pasta...slurppp!~ sampai ke siku. hehe

Watching the birds with his favourite man, DADDY!'s time to go home~

Right after dinner..jalan2, then shoot terus ke B32, untuk meuntut ilmu business seperti biasa.
This is my beautiful life as Premium Beautiful Agent!

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