Holland and Belgium - Here We Come!!!

October 02, 2011

End of this month, will be the closing date to qualify for Holland and Belgium FOC trip. Yeay!! No need to spend a single cent pon except for my own shopping spree~ kat sane nanti :)


I have been dreaming of visiting the US and European countries..like forever!

In just few months, my dream will come true. And definitely this is going to be our 2nd Honeymoon..fully sponsored!
~ chartered flight (MAS Airline yerr..)
~ 5* hotel!!
~ HALAL Food mmg dah tak payah susah2 cari..semua dah diuruskan ;)
~ Travel leader pon mmg dah tersedia

European countries are well known with the beautiful scenery  and architecture. I just can't wait to pose in front of the the old building..castle, and at the tulips festival. Hubby, prepare your gears and we'll be taking lots and tonnes of pictures in Belgium and Holland!! Oh I can't wait!!~

Amsterdam at night time!! Love it!

 During daytime..

The great Muiderslot Castle... Hope we can stop by there!

 Parliament House at Hague

 And not to forget to get lots of souvenirs for friends and business partners back in Malaysia. 

Who doesn't want FREE things! free souvenirs pon dah seronok..how about getting FREE HOLIDAY??
Yes, you can get it too..semua pon berpeluang.
So ladies, next trip and "tripS" we're going together OK!! :)
"The more the merrier"

Next from Holland, we're going to travel down to Belgium. There, we will find lots of fine places and CHOCOLATES!! 

 Don't know what name of this statue in Antwerp.

 an old church also in Antwerp

Hubby definitely looking forward for this kind of view. Great "composition" he said. Meaning? Don't ask me. No idea what that's mean.

 They also have lots of water canals, just like Holland.
Lots of shops!! and lots of... 

CHOCOLATES!!! Nyummiess!!

Seriously can't wait for the next trip with the company and with the great leader Premium Beautiful *Top Agent, Hanis Haizi.

Join me for the next FREE TRIPS!

Let's meet up for a drink, have a nice chit chat (and gossiping) and I will show you how ;)

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