Danial's getting his Pneumococcal 4th Dose ;)

October 07, 2011

Dah penat kejar closing date for September..so, I really need a break.
Last weekend, we're just spending our time..with our sweetest baby boy!! ;P
On Saturday..we went to Pantai Med Center to meet his paeditrician, Dr Khoo. It is time for him to get the final dose for Pneumococcal Vaccination..

What's that for??
~for prevention of diseases such as pneumonia, meningitis, septicaemia and middle ear infection caused by pneumococcal bacteria~

This vaccination is actually not listed as compulsory, here in Malaysia..however, in some countries..it is compulsory as there are few serious cases occurred due to these diseases.

So, not to take the risk on our baby..we decided to take the vaccination for Danial.

Among all the vaccination programs, pneumococcal is the most expensive one! (ambik plak dekat PMC..lagila mahal charges nyer ;P) .So to those yang baru2 dapat baby.. get ready to splurge all your money for the medical+etc+etc..

Now, we know.. to raise 1 baby already costs Thousandsss of Ringgit. If company tak dpt nak cover semua..then we have to bare all the costs, itulah pentingnya..medical benefit, insurance, and savings for our children!!

Occay..enough with that..enjoy the pictures~

While waiting for his turn to see the doctor

Getting excited!!~

Right before getting his jab! muka nervous n curious~ huhu

With his Paed, Dr Khoo and Ms Ummie ;)

Luckily, Danial is a tough boy!
Dari kecik dulu till now..mmg tak nangis lama.
mase jarum tu cucuk masuk jer kejap..die bunyik 'eeeerkkkk~'
Then, angkat jer die balik..terus diam. 

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