Delicious moment with Hanis Haizi

September 09, 2011

Right after raya..we're back on business mode! 
Looking forward for our next FOC trip to Holland+Belgium!!~

So, first thing first..personal touch session with my beloved mentor,  

While having our dinner..we had a great talk on setting my next goal in business..
for the short term and long term~
 And of course, how to lead my group..

So, to all business partners let's work together to achieve our target
and to make our dreams become reality..InsyaAllah.
This is the beauty of our business,
we're not alone..we have a strong group to support us all the way and to guide us.

If our mentor, Hanis Haizi can achieve 6 figures income monthly in just 2 years time..we can achieve that too.
Her latest income as a Premium Beautiful Top Agent in August was RM180K ;)
At the age of 27, she can really inspire everyone to take a chance, to do something new and to be like her.
What we need to do, just follow the steps..and success will be ours!

 Here goes our delicious moment... 

The YUmMylicious PAVLOVA!!~ <3

Enjoying our desert together..

Dah habis..baru leh pose betol2

Another pose..tapi gambar blurr sket ( Love the pink n green combination by Hanis..lovely!~)

Our last the entrance ;P


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