Shafleena's Family get together at Equatorial Hotel,Bangi

August 22, 2011

Last Saturday, we had another ramadhan buffet at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi!
The event was actually hosted by FIL's company.
So, here goes some of the pictures taken on that day...

Mr Ashraf Naserudin with his Junior!

Pasta + beef salad + sardine rolls

Dim sum!! Yummy!!~

Lamb + baked potatoes!


with my sis in law..Along n Airissa yang sebok makan dah ;P

Mama and Najwa (yang tak suke ambik gambar)

Danial n his favourite TokWAN! asik melekat jer ni..pantang nampak

Abang Azad yang takde gigi..with Kakak Najwa yang tak sabar nak berbuka ;)

Daddy and Danial again!'s mommy's turn to pose with danial yang tak berape favor his mommy! ..penat jer mommy berususah payah jaga ni ;(

No matter what..mommy will always love u shayanggg bushukk mommy!~


Mood balik kampung..yeayy, this year kita balik kelantan okeiii?

Yupp..this year, mommy's turn untuk beraya kat kelantan! yeayyy!!~

To all Kelantanese.. nak tau pasal PremiumBeautiful corset, Lactolite or other products.. we'll be there for almost a week during Hari Raya. 
So, just drop me a msg or call me at 012-2844960!

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