What IF ??

July 13, 2011

While doing laundry early in the morning,
these words came across my mind ..
" i wish i could turn back time"
I always think that way before..because when i look at things i did in the past, how i wish i could do it differently
and 'WHAT IF'..i have the chance to do it again ?

These things run over our mind almost everyday ..wondering about the numerous number of things that we could have done over the years. The different paths that we could have taken. The things that we could have done, must have done, should have done.

Out of these three, we always choose to think of the past. 
We keep wondering, WHAT IF...?

At the end of the day, nothing will happen = zero outcome!

Then, I asked myself again today..
do I really want to go back and do it differently ?
SUPRISINGLY..the answer is NO!!!!~

This is who I am today.
i've learned my lesson from the past.
To achieve something in life, I have to live in the present. Make it work starting from now!

just look ahead and keep moving forward..

grab the opportunity right in front of me..

take a step one by one towards MY GOAL!


So, let us stop wondering "WHAT IF"..because nothing will happen or change if you don't start acting now!


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  1. Hi Naa,
    Love this post - very inspiring! Anyway keep up the good work!I enjoy reading your blog!



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